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At Jamats we like to encourage activities that are fun and educational with the aim of being inclusive to all abilities wants and needs.

Each week begins with a fresh new or current topic with an emphasis around life skills, reading, writing and arts and crafts.

The main room at Jamats is at the heart of the centre and the foundation of everything we do. Our members here love to get stuck into the wide variety of different weekly topics on offer and enjoy taking on arts and crafts projects specially adapted by our fantastic staff to our member’s individual needs. The members also have the opportunity to work together as a group to create fantastic wall art projects as well as continuing with fine motor skills and sensory activities.

Members who wish to continue with learning activities as well as showing their creative freedom often combine their time between the Jamats main room and our Life Skills Centre. For those who might not require further learning opportunities we have plenty of sensory activity and unlimited access to our fantastic sensory room.

No matter what our member’s needs and wants are, we always have a wide variety of activities on offer whilst also incorporating whenever possible any specific activities a member might enjoy doing into our daily activity plans.  

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