Cory Bombera Manager at Jamats Academy


Hi my name is Cory Bombera, I have been working at Jamats since January 2011 and I am a manager here at the activity centre. I have a BSc in Applied Exercise Science which has allowed me to develop and refine a key set of skills around Anatomy, Biomechanics, Exercise on Prescription, Health and Lifestyle, Motor Behaviour, Nutrition, Physiology, Psychology and Teaching.

Working at Jamats has allowed me not only to become a member of a perfect family but also to further explore my passion for teaching and coaching, giving me the opportunity to create my own curriculum and expand my teaching philosophies. I have an enthusiasm for creativity and love to develop and adapt fun topics, life skills, arts and crafts, games and exercise classes in unique ways.

The opportunity to help create an environment that encourages achievement however big or small makes me incredibly proud and makes every second of working at Jamats priceless.

Sandra Bombera

My name is Sandra Bombera, A few years ago I worked at the post office, a job which I had been doing for over 25 years, on my days off I helped Don and Joan out on a voluntarily basis when I was needed. Then two years ago an opportunity arose for me to join the Jamats team on a permanent basis, without any hesitation I accepted and have never looked back. It has been so rewarding meeting many new people who have enriched my outlook on life and who have become my friends. Since joining Jamats I myself have achieved many new goals, taking and passing  courses in Food and Hygiene, Food and nutrition, Fire and safety, Manual handling and health and safety.  Seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter each day makes me feel incredibly priveleged to be a part of Jamats, my second family.

Carys Owen

Hi my name is Carys Owen and I have been working at Jamats now for 4 years. I completed my college work experience here and then got offered an apprenticeship. At the end of my apprenticeship I gained an NVQ level 2 in health and social care  and my level 2 maths functional skills. I am now working on earning my level 3.  I’ve also done level 2 and 3 health and social care BTEC.


Before I came to Jamats I wasn't sure on what I wanted to do in my life. But as soon as I came here I knew that this was the place I wanted to work and to better myself. Being able to teach is such an amazing experience. I love interacting and working with the guys here. They are always so ready to learn and always come in smiling which makes everyday here so amazing. Its such a wonderful atmosphere here at Jamats, we all support each other with the activities we do and ensure we work to our full potential every day. The team are so supportive in everything and always want you to achieve and go above and beyond.

Samuel Thompson

My name is Sam and I am a teacher here at Jamats! I have been here for a year now and have completed my level 2 in health and social care, now working on my level 3. I left school with two A levels, one in Media studies and another in Drama and Theatre Studies. Drama was my passion which I have tried in every way possible to bring a fun and dramatic approach to Jamats with me with the media also helping me to bring some new creative ideas. I previously did my work experience here and absolutely loved every minute working with people here. Outside of work I play for local rugby team Gloucester Old Boys, where I have been for the past 11 years!


For as long as I can remember  I have been interested in working with people with different types of needs. I have grow up really interested with my cousin James and spent a lot of time around him. I think this has shaped, making me passionate about really helping people. Jamats has giving me the perfect opportunity to do so.


Working at Jamats has turned out to be one of the most exciting and meaningful thing I have done with myself. I get such joy from working here and every day is like spending a day having fun with your friends. I feel I have learned more from them then they have from me. The smiles they give me and the laughter I hear makes every day working here AMAZING!

Ellie Wood


My name is Ellie Wood and I am an apprenticeship Care/Teaching assistant here at Jamats. I started after I left Secondary school where I gained five GCSE’S, an A level in Sociology and  BTEC in sport. I compete at a national level in Ballroom and Latin dancing and volunteer at my school in Abbeymead, helping to teach the younger children to dance. One of the pupils there that I help learn to dance has special needs and I love watching her achieve and dance. Next year I will be partnering her at Blackpool as she dances at the nationals. It was this young girl that made me interested in working with special needs and helping to care for them. I’ve had quite a few experiences working in care. I have worked at a Primary school, the Maternity Ward at Gloucester Royal, and the Main Ward and Pyhysio department at the Winfield Hospital.


I have always wanted to work in care with people, and watching people have fun everyday, and Jamats allows me to do that, it is such a happy and loving environment to be able to work in and I enjoy every second.

Karen Thompson

Hi, I’m Karen, I started here at Jamats in April 2018. I’m the newest member of the team but have close family connections with Jamats. Sister in Law to Joan and Don, Step mum to Sam I have watched it grow literally from the ground up to where Jamats is today. Previously I have worked with children for the past 20 years, within our own family business and Ofsted. I worked alongside my husband at Kicx Martial Arts for most of this and eventually setup and ran an Ofsted Registered Childminding setting within my home. I also have some experience in fostering having fostered a teenager for a short time. trained in Paediatric first aid, child protection, Senco, and safeguarding. I have enjoyed my previous careers in caring and always felt the desire to help and assist others to enrich their lives for the better. When Joan approached me for the position at Jamats I was ready for the change. I find my job here so rewarding and enjoyable with everyone’s unique and loveable characters. I’m an Art enthusiast, I love to be crafty and enjoy fluid paint pouring in my spare time at home. I studied Art and Ceramics for GCSE at school and gained an A* and B. I Never dreamed back then I would find a job that could be so much fun!!