What we do

At Jamats Academy we like to encourage activities that are fun and educational with the aim of being inclusive to all abilities, needs and wants.

Each week begins with a fresh new topic with an emphasis around Life skills, reading, writing and arts and crafts in the morning with Sports, Exercise and Games in the afternoon.  We have creative and enthusiastic staff members that are fantastic at adapting all activities to suit all individual abilities.

Those who like to carry on learning into their adulthood use The Classroom where we provide the perfect environment not only for the learning of new skills but continuation of skills already developed. You can find our timetable here.

For those whose needs may not be suited to the classroom or wants don’t require the classroom we have our main rooms which are at the heart of the centre and really allow the user the opportunities to show us how they would like to get the most from Jamats whether that is to partake in group activities similar to that in the classroom, use our fantastic and spacious matted areas or even just to use our sensory room. There is always a variety of activities to do and we will also try to incorporate any specific activities a user might enjoy doing into our own plans.

Sports, Exercise and Games

Keeping fit and being active is an incredibly important part of life particularly in adults with special needs, whose opportunities are often limited resulting in a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

We have a highly passionate team member in Cory who has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Science. He has developed a set of skills which allows him to adapt his methods to meet the criteria of the intended users, thus allowing the opportunity for everyone to take part.

We like to encourage exercise in an enjoyable way, incorporating a wide variety of games and sports that are aimed at targeting the competitive and fun sides of our users.  We have lots of fantastic gym, sports and games equipment and an incredible soft matted exercise area which makes activities and exercise much safer for the participating user.

We also promote physical fitness with group exercise classes that are tailored and adapted to all needs. We aim include activities that will give the opportunities for all to take part regardless of ability. We adapt to most of our activities through a combination of Sit and Fit, Story Drama and sports.

At Jamats we also like to add variety to our activities and try to create activities that appeal to the social development of our users as well as the physical development and hold regular bingo, quiz and games afternoons. Most of the games that are played will incorporate the weekly topic and be aimed at developing a variety of skills such as basic movement and hand eye co-ordination.

"Our aim is for everyone to achieve something however big or small that something might be"