Class Room  

The Classroom

The Jamats classroom provides the perfect opportunity to take part in learning activities in an environment that encourages the development of important life skills, literacy and numeracy.

Learning happens in many different ways and at very different speeds and so regardless of ability the classroom aims to provide the opportunity for all to learn something no matter how big or small.

Every morning the classroom begins with a group discussion which aims at engaging all the users and giving each person the opportunity to deliver their own thoughts and understanding on a given subject. The group discussions give the class the perfect platform to develop key life skills, confidence and very importantly social skills.

Literacy and numeracy is also a huge part of the classroom experience as we believe it to be not just important but also very valuable in life, and so the importance of developing or maintaining these skills is at the forefront of our learning philosophy.

Although much of the focus in the classroom is around life skills and learning we also highly encourage engaging with the creative side of our users and so develop lots of topic specific arts and crafts. The arts and crafts allows the users to develop key fine motor skills but in less formal and fun way.

The classroom also has a small computer suite with access to the internet, which in the modern world is becoming a common tool particular for users socially. Not only is the computer suite fantastic for discovery of information for our users, but is also a great base for us to work on and develop awareness of internet safety for those that might access it on a regular basis in their personal life.